The Story Line

“The Story Line” was a regional, community-based art and history project created and displayed in conjunction with the international premiere of Rockland: The Opera. During the course of the project, community artist Mary Wright and a band of faithful volunteers collected thousands of stories from local schools, universities, and community members. The original “Story Line” consisted of cotton fabric panels, each of which was imprinted, using the phototransfer process, with the story and photograph (if available) of an ancestor who overcame challenges and improved their lives and impacted future generations. The completed panels were displayed in local communities along with the Rosza Center for the Performing Arts on the Michigan Tech campus in Houghton, Michigan.

We are continuing this tradition online and have already added hundreds of the original stories. Everyone is invited to participate by exploring their own family history, and the history of the community in which they live. Some possible sources are stories told by grandparents, old photo albums and letters, or library resources like old newspaper clippings and school, church or township records. No story is a bad story, and we look forward to hearing about your families and communities.

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