Walt LinnaX

Born: 1908

Location: Jasper Location/Ishpeming

dear reader, my name is walt linna. I was born in jasper location, near ishpeming, in 1908. my father died in the mine when I was a baby. my mother got $100 and my father’s boots after he died. we then moved on the farm a little north of bruce crossing. when I was 8-10 years old, I had to help blast stumps in order to clear land for our farm. we survived. later on, I met grandma, and, we were married in ‘29, at the start of the depression. one time, grandma said, “Pa!”. “We don’t have any bread!”. I said, “That’s o.k., Ma”. “We don’t have any money to buy it with anyway.” I worked our land, a little east of bruce’s, and, dug our basement, in clay, by hand. A nice high basement. My first son, Clarence, was born in ‘33, and, he worked at White Pine Copper Company for 44 years, in geology. My second son, Marvin, was born in ‘35, he went into the Navy, and worked at White Pine Copper Company for 41 years, only missing 1 day, due to a snowstorm. My only daughter, Marie, was born in ‘49, and, currently lives near Ewen, Michigan. During my career I learned carpentry and welding, and, learned on my own. I made sauna stoves for Nippa Sauna Stoves in Bruce Crossing, when Leo Nippa was the owner. I also worked on the Soo Locks, and, also at White Pine, for 18 years, retiring in ‘73 at the age of 65. I had 3 grades of school in my life. I loved animals. A lot. Before I died, I was able to see the space shuttle blast off at Cape Canaveral in Florida. I also said, that stay on the lookout for the tamarack trees needles, when they shed their needles, then the cold weather is close at hand. I could have been made superintendent of the mill at White Pine, but, didn’t want it. I designed a small part, that could have made me a millionaire, but, decided to give it to the company at White Pine, instead. That’s the kind of person I was. Kind hearted, and, loved kids. A lot. Always tried to keep the woodpile stocked, and ready for use. I died on Father’s Day, 1992, at the age of 84. My wife, Aili Tulppo died 2 years later at the age of 84. We enjoyed our friends from Dearborn, Michigan, the Lenik’s, who used to come up deer and bear hunting, and, they remain very close friends to this day, to my surviving family members. I wish you a good day. Sincerely, Walt Linna, formerly of Bruce Crossing, Michigan

Contributed by: Scott Linna, Hancock, Michigan