Viola Ann Johnston SchneckX

Born: unknown

My grandmother was born in Wisconsin, grew up and married my grandfather, who wasn't a miner, but was a logger. He owned his own logging business, Schneck and Sons, and moved around northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula to wherever the timber leases took hi,. So, my grandmother lived in several logging camps, far out of town, with a small community of relatives and employees, all tied together by the logging company. She raised three children, Floyd, Gordon and Audrey. My mom told me stories about life in the logging campus, the small houses they built when they formed a new base of operations, and what it was like to live at camp, away from their families for weeks and months at a time, armed with an arsenal of great recipes that served 30 or more people at a sitting. I also heard stories about a potato farm near the Antigo, Wisconsin logging camp and tales of my mother's adventures at Painsdale High School when the logging camp was in TriMountain, Michigan (near Houghton). I didn't hear these stories from my grandmother because she died way back in 1956 when I was a baby, but she sounds like an amazing woman.

Contributed by: Lynette Ann Marten Suckow, Marquette, Michigan