Verna Dorthea JohnsonX

Born: Janurary 15, 1928

Location: Hancock, Michigan

My grandmother,Verna Dorthea Johnson, was born on January 15, 1928, in Hancock, Michigan on 2nd St. at her home. Verna has five brothers and five sisters, and growing up she and her family were very poor. When she was only 14, Verna and her sister had to walk five miles each day to people’s houses to clean for a dollar and a half a day. Verna married Alvin Johnson on November 15, 1947. They had 8 children; 7 girls and 1 boy. A few years after their marriage Alvin went to fight in World War II. Several years after Alvin came back he died of a heart attack. Verna still lives in the same house today as she did in 1951, with my Auntie Judy. Verna has 43 grandchildren, 78 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great-grandchild and more on the way. In the summer she always goes fishing with me at our camp, and we have nice talks over a game of Scrabble. She is a very well-kept grandmother, and hopefully I will take after her.

Contributed by: Anna Arens, South Range Elementary