Vera Prust LindellX

Born: 1913

Location: Ceylon

I am Vera Prust Lindell. I was born to German-American parents on a farm near Ceylon, Minnesota in 1913. In 1929, I married Swen Lindell. This was considered a “mixed marriage” at that time as I married a Swedish Lutheran not a German Lutheran. On our wedding night, Swen’s friends, cousins, and brothers serenaded us with a chivaree , banging on pots and pans. We farmed near Ceylon until our retirement. Those first years in the Depression and War years were not easy. In the summer of 1936 we were in the middle of a long drought later called the Dust Bowl. I was “in a family way” with my second son, Jerry, that year. In June I planted potatoes in a dry lakebed on our farm because the garden had produced nothing the year before. It was hot, hard work, bending to plant the potatoes in my work dress and apron while being “in a family way.” Many days that summer were over 100 degrees. We had no air conditioning to keep us cool back then. Jerry was born at the end of July in the middle of that hot dry summer. I was happy to have a second healthy son but sad because of the baby daughter I lost in between the boys. I had two more boys with Swen who were also healthy but never had a daughter. This made my granddaughters even more special to me. I had a total of 8 grandchildren – four boys and four girls. My first granddaughter grew up on a farm a few miles away. She married a local boy, and they still live and farm in the area. My second granddaughter lived across the road from me for a couple of years when her father, Jerry, worked as a hired man for us. They moved to Iowa when Jerry became a meat inspector. My other two granddaughters also grew up in Iowa and still live there. We sold the farm and moved into Ceylon in 1967. Our home “in town” was the hub for family gatherings for the next three decades.

Contributed by: TyAnn Lindell, Hancock, Michigan