Vera Eleanora Stever QuickX

Born: 1917

Location: Dollar Bay

I am Vera Eleanora Steve Quick, the 7th of 8 children born in 1917 to Josefina and John Steve, emigrants from Finland to Dollar Bay, Michigan. My mother died in 1919 a few months after my sister Edith was born. My father was a poor laborer in the mining industry, but he was a loving father who played in a band and became the first lay pastor of Bethany Baptist Church. My oldest sister Viola at age 12 took over the care of the household and the other 7 children. We had little money, but I worked and studied hard. I was on the debate team in high school. I had a radio show for women in college. I went into Christian mission work and met my husband in Iowa. I worked in his ministry. We had 6 children all of whom went to college and have had good lives. I will be 94 this summer, and I still smile at everybody in the nursing home where I live in Arizona. They say I am a very sweet lady and the favorite patient of many of the staff. There was a lot of adversity in my life, but I have survived and thrived.

Contributed by: Sharon Emley, Houghton, Michigan