Tony FaruchiX

Born: 1933

Location: Cicili

My name is Tony Faruchi; I am from Cicili, Italy. I was born in 1933 and lived in Italy until the age of 12. My family and I boarded a ship in 1945 and came to the United States. Here I met my wife, Maria; we got married at the age of 20. We had two kids, Vinny and Pauly. Both of our kids followed in the family business and worked in our family owned restaurant located in Hurley, Wisconsin. Our restaurant was successful for about 20 years before it finally closed. I then worked as a carpenter before I retired at the age of 62. I lived my whole life in Hurley and my kids eventually moved to Ironwood, Michigan, which is just outside of Hurley. All of my family members say my life was well-lived and I was a hard worker my whole life.

Contributed by: Nick Alessandroni, L'Anse High School