Tony BausanoX

Location: Calumet, Michigan

My name is Tony Bausano. By my senior year in high school, I realized that I needed to apply myself and try harder if I was to have a successful career. After working for my father for many years, I purchased the family business after graduating in 1992 and expanded into what is today, Copper World, on 5th Street in Calumet. My store has a variety of items for people including historical nonfiction books, agates, beautiful copper items, clothing, and much more. The store employs three full time and four part time people. I played commercial league softball for over 20 years. I have four children, two live in the Calumet, one child lives in Minnesota, and one who lives in South Carolina. I have seven grandchildren, three live in Calumet. Also, I have been on the Calumet Village council for 20 years as trustee and president. I love the area and feel it is important to be involved in making it the best place I can.

Contributed by: Nick Voelker, Calumet Elementary School