Todd EichenlaubX

Location: Columbus, Ohio

My name is Todd Eichenlaub. I was born in Columbus, Ohio. When I turned 18 I joined the navy and met a girl named Theresa Freeman. She was working at a place called Bermuda Bob’s. Shortly after meeting her I was kicked out of the navy for being immature. My constant running around yelling p**** seemed to upset my higher ranking superiors. After being kicked out of the navy I went back to Bermuda Bob’s where Theresa was still working, with nothing better to do and no other options I decided to take her on a date. About a year after our first date I decided to have a kid with her. We named him Michael Eichenlaub. He was born in Norfolk, Virginia. I decided that Theresa was too crazy and my son wasn’t worth the trouble so I decided to ditch them. I took off in the night only leaving behind a class ring and my old dog tags. I never had the urge to return to my son. So instead I decided to start a business to fix broken computers. My business was a big success in the area I lived in. I slowly became wealthy. I felt kind of bad for the boy not ever knowing his real father but the thought was slowly erased from my mind when I realized she’ll have another guy in no time, she seemed the type. After all of that my computer business kept climbing and I got richer and richer from it. I got so rich I didn’t know what to do with it all. So I moved to California. There I bought a mansion bigger than any you’ve ever seen. But I still had more money I needed to use up because I had no one to give the rest of it to. By this time I have turned 38 and started to expand my company I still live alone in California to day.

Contributed by: Michael Eichenlaub, L'Anse High School