Theodore RoggeX

Born: 1900s

My Grandpa, Ted Rogge, had a lifelong career with Ford Motor Company. He first started working for Henry Ford in the late 1920's as a lumber grader. He worked hard and despite having only an eighth grade education, he was made Superintendent of Northern Operations in the early 1950's. In this capacity Ted oversaw the Iron Mountain, Alberta, L'Anse and Pequaming Ford Sawmills and timber lands. The wood produced in these mills was used in various models of Ford automobiles. In 1954 Ted was instrumental in the Ford Fund gifting the village of Alberta and its sawmill to Michigan Tech University. Because of this gift he was posthumously inducted into Michigan Tech's Forestry Hall of Fame a few years ago. Ted retired in 1962 and then was a consultant for the Ford Fund until his death in the early 1970's. Grandpa always joked about the fact that he'd lost count of the number of times he'd been fired or had quit working for Henry Ford over the years! Ford was a perfectionist and an eccentric and hard to work for at times.

Contributed by: Kay McIntyre, Houghton, Michigan