Steven H. PanyanX

Born: 1881

Location: Copper City, Michigan

My name is Steven H. Panyan. I was born in Sevinch, Slovenia, in 1881. I left my country because there was no work. I got married on July 9, 1902. My wife was 22, and I was 26. We moved to the United States and settled in Copper City, Michigan. There I worked in the Ahmeek and Mohawk mines. It was hard because of my flat feet. We also took in 6 German borders, people who worked in the copper mines. I decided to start my own company which was a bus line. The company started in 1914. I was the first person in the Copper Country to have a bus. If my bus broke down, I would work into the night fixing it and have it on the road by the following day. In 1928, I sold my bus business thus retiring. I served the Copper City Village by being on its fire department. I was also a member of the village’s council and a street commissioner. I died in 1971, at age 91.

Contributed by: Roslyn Laramore, Calumet Elementary School