Steve KumpX

Born: December 24, 1921

Location: Red Jacket, Michigan

My name is Steve Kump. I was born on December 24, 1921 in Red Jacket, Michigan. My father died of a ruptured appendix shortly before I was born. In 1941, when I was 20 I joined the Navy. I was in the Pacific Theatre, stationed in Virginia on the U.S.S Shamplane. I was in the Navy for four years. In 1945 I left the Navy. My friend and I went to Portsmith New Hampshire, where I met my lovely wife Marge. We got married in 1946, and had our Honeymoon in the White Mountains. We moved to Calumet and bought a house in Tamarack. The same year we had our first child, Michael John. Sadly, he was stillborn. Our second child, Theresa, was born in 1948. Also in 1948 I moved to Connecticut to work for Pratt & Whitney for three years. In 1951 I had to come back to help my mom. We moved into a white house on 10th street, where I still live today. My last and youngest daughter Kris was born in 1952. I worked for the White Pine mine until my retirement in 1970. Sadly, in 2007 my wife Marge died of Alzheimer’s. Since then I’ve been taking care of my dog Benny and dealing with the everyday bumps in the road.

Contributed by: Abbey Koskiniemi, CLK Elementary