Sophia Karolina Westerberg Wasikkaoja/Falk/FolkX

Born: October 13, 1881

Location: Svanstein

I am Sophia Karolina Westerberg/Wasikkaoja/Falk/Folk, daughter of Pehr Olaf Johansson and Johana Charlotta Simonsdotter Sua, born 13 Oct 1881 in Svanstein, Overtornea, Norbotten, Sweden. I immigrated to the United States via Ellis Island on 12 Jul 1902 with my fiancé, Karl Henrik Wasikkaoja (aka Charles Henry Falk/Folk), also from Svanstein. We stayed with my cousin, Karl Strom and family, in Atlantic Mine, MI until we were married 20 Dec 1902. We made our home in Atlantic Mine, MI where my husband worked as a copper miner and laborer in a saw mill. I gave birth to my first child, Uno Carl, in 1903. I thought he would be my only child until the doctor discovered and cured me of a tape worm, a condition fairly common among people from my area in Sweden who ate a diet high in fish. After this problem was resolved, I proceeded to give birth to 13 more children: Yngve 1909, Gustav 1910, Axel 1912, Eli 1913, Erik 1915, Marta 1917, Margaret Sophia “Signe” 1918, Charles 1920, John 1922, twins Ellen and Helen 1923, Paul 1924, and Nels Peter 1927. It was my nature to be happy, and my family brought me great joy. One of the greatest hardships I endured was burying 4 of my children who died in infancy. I longed for the comfort of my parents and siblings in Sweden, but knew I would never see them again. I was ill from childbirth complications and worried about not being able to raise my family. I died on 1 Apr 1927 at the age of 45, less than a month after my last child, Nels Peter, was born. I was laid to rest in the Atlantic Mine Cemetery with my children who preceded me in death.

Contributed by: Susan Tolonen Hampton, Gladstone, Michigan