Sami WentilaX

Born: 1882

I was born in Finland in 1882. I came from Tornio to the Copper Country and moved to Mass City with my family. I became a citizen of the United States of America on June 1st 1903 and had to sign that I would give up allegiance to the Czar of Russia…..we left Finland to get away from the Czar. I married Sarah Romback and had two daughters. When the mines shut down we were without work and I went to Detroit to work in the Auto plants. My family joined me on the advice of my Sister-in-law Mary. My poor wife was hit by a truck as she walked on the sidewalk. The driver left the road to avoid hitting a boy on a bike. She was 48 years old. My daughter Vera was upset when I got rid of Sarah’s wedding dress. It made me too sad to look at it. I was a carpenter in my latter days and lived out my days in quiet sadness and disappointment. (Sami was the Grandfather of Michael Laakko-submitted by Denise Laakko)

Contributed by: Denise Laakko