Ross Alan YlitaloX

Born: 1959

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

My name is Ross Alan Ylitalo. I was born on 1959, December Minneapolis Minnesota. When I was done with collage I biked from Minneapolis to Washington. I married Mari Lynn Kangas. We lived in Duluth Minnesota were we had our first kids Neal in 1988 and Curtis in 1981. Then we moved to Laurium Michigan, where we had another kid, Margaret. Two years later we had another kid Anna Mari Ylitalo. Two or three more years Pat was born. One or two years later Jonathan Edward Ylitalo on December, 22.A year later we had Amy Cheryl Ylitalo on July 3.A year latter I had brain tumor. In the same year we had Mary Aurora Ruth Ylitalo on May 2. In three more years we had Julia Rose Ylitalo on May 4. Two years later we had Liisa Judith Ylitalo on October 18. Somewere between then my wives aunt died Judy. Neal subscribed in the air force for four years. In three more years we had Emma Jane Ylitalo on January 28. Curtis also subscribed in the National Guard for eight years. Margaret subscribed in collage when 19. The next year Anna got subscribed to collage when 18. My Aunt Eva died in few years. That’s my life so far.

Contributed by: Mary Ylitalo, CLK Elementary