Peter AndriacchiX

Born: June 9, 1898

Location: Regio de Calabria

My name is Peter Andriacchi and I was born in Regio de Calabria Simbarrio, Italy on August 15, 1898. I died on June 9th 1960. I came over to America alone at 14 years old and had a 10 dollar bill in my pocket. I met my brothers Frank and Dominic in Chicago and I worked at a Cracker Jack Factory. On my way to Mineral Springs, Wisconsin I fell asleep on the train and ended up in Ishpeming at the North Western Round House. I lived in Junction with an Italian couple from the same town in Italy. I married my wife Catherine, who was 15 when we got married on November 20th, 1919. I bought the Venice on October in 1927. It was a card place until 1933. My wife and I made the homemade fries, potato chips, breads, and spaghetti sauce. In 1936, the dance hall was open with bands 6 nights a week. In 1950, we started pizzas. My family says my work ethic, kindness, and love for people has passed on through the years.

Contributed by: Alyssa Smith, Ishpeming Middle School