Paul L. ZhulkieX

Born: March 11, 1913

Location: Ishpeming, Michigan

Hi, my name is Paul L. Zhulkie. I was born in Ishpeming MI, March 11, 1913. I was born in a small house. When I was around age 14 I drove some rich people to Chicago. After that I just stayed in Ishpeming. Years past. Then I ran for mayor and guess what, I got it! I also helped design and build the Ishpeming football field they use today. I also was a volunteer fireman for 39 years. Some other things I did were I played football and basketball for Ishpeming. Then when I got a job I worked for my own business. I worked at ' City Service Oil Company’. So I purchased the first answering machine in Ishpeming. No one knew that when my voice came on the machine that they should wait until they hear the beep! Well, on the other side. My family always told me how nice and thoughtful I was. I also was always willing to try something new. I died April 23, 1997. I lived a wonderful life!

Contributed by: Marissa Maino, Ishpeming Middle School