Milton PyykkonenX

Born: April 9, 1932

Location: Painesdale, Michigan

My grandpa, Milton Pyykkonen was born at home on Evergreen St. in Painesdale Michigan, on April 9, 1932. He fought in the Korean War. His name was Milton, but people called him Duane when he was younger. He did not know his name was Milton until he looked at his birth certificate when he was going into the service. Right now he has been married for 56 years, and he has raised six children. Twenty-five years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He refused treatment and requested a second opinion at the Marshfield hospital in Wisconsin. He was given a clean bill of health. He was asked and agreed to a cancer study and was checked each year for 10 years. No cancer was ever found. Milton refused three operations. He did his own therapy at home for each injury. That was over 20 years ago and to this day he is fine. Milton is always very patient with his grandchildren and family. He always tells interesting stories about his experiences in life.

Contributed by: Amanda Coponen, South Range Elementary