Meri BastianX

Born: 1927

Location: Calumet

I was born in 1927 in Calumet. The house is still there. When I was five years old I went to school as usual. When I came home our house was draped in black. My Momma was laid out on blocks of ice draped in black, in the dining room. Momma had died. Nobody would tell me what happened, why she died. My Dad tried to be a momma. He made me a dress out of a flour sack on Momma's treadle machine. He had to go back to work in Detroit. He hired women to care for us kids but they never stayed past the first payday. My older sister who was 12, raised us so we wouldn't go to an orphanage. I died at age 77 and to that day, I never knew what my Momma died of. Nobody would ever tell me.

Contributed by: Chris Bryan, Pelkie, Michigan