Melvin KriegelX

Born: March 10, 1915

Location: New York City , New York

My name is Melvin Kriegel. I was born in New York City on March 10, 1915. My parents were Sam and Mini Kriegel. I was still young, only 18, when my father died. This happened during the great depression. This was a terrible thing. It wouldn’t be easy to support my mother and two sisters at a normal time. I managed to get a job as an office boy for the company ‘American metal’. I stayed with the company for over three years and my hard work paid off. I became a scrap buyer, and eventually was promoted to vice president of that division. I met a woman named Dorthy Ontl at a music appreciation class. We courted and got married in 1942. My career with ‘American Metal’ was interrupted by serving in WWII. I was in the army and served in Europe. I was on a troop ship going to the pacific theater when the atomic bombs brought the war to an end. Upon returning to America I continued working for ‘American Metal’. Also my wife and I moved to Long Island and started rising a family. We had three kids. The first was born in 1949. We named him Stan. The second child was born a year later. We named him Stephen. Our third and final child we had was born in 1955, who we named Nancy. In 1974, I retired, then my wife and I moved to New Mexico. We lived a peaceful life together before Nancy died in 2003. I knew I would soon die as well, I was 88. Editors Note: Melvin Kriegel died I 2005 just short of his 90th birthday.

Contributed by: Avery Kriegel, Superior Central Schoool