Maude Sincock RobertsX

Born: April 17, 1892

Maude (Sincock) Roberts, my great-great grandma was born in Canada on April 17, 1892. She went back to England when she was 1 1/2 years old. Maude was the oldest of ten children, and they came to America one and two at a time. She came over on the Titanic at the age of 19. She always said that she was not afraid of the water even though they crashed into the icebergs around midnight on that terrible night. She was in a lifeboat for about 12 hours before being picked up by the Carpathia ship. Maude became very well known for surviving the Titanic. She was on the radio and TV talking about her experience. She also talked at local schools. Maude was a very happy and loving person who taught us to take life and live it to the fullest. She died on May 2, 1984. We still love and miss her.

Contributed by: Harley Eakin, South Range Elementary