Martha SturosX

Born: March 30, 1910

My great grandma, Martha Sturos, was born on March 30, 1910, in Humboldt, Michigan. She worked in Illinois for Earl Hoover, who owned the Hoover Vacuum Company. Her sister, Miriam, later married Earl. My great grandma was married for 20 years and was a widow for 40 years. When she was 50 years old her husband died suddenly of a heart attack while delivering mail. In that same year her son, Thomas, died because of a brain tumor at the age of 18. Two days before my great grandma died she was holding and playing with me. She died on July 28, 2001, because of a stroke. When she died she was 90 years old. She lived alone and was very involved in her children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

Contributed by: Julia Nordstrom, South Range Elementary