Marie WatkinsX

Born: May 20, 1943

My grandma, Marie Watkins, was born on May 20, 1943. My grandma has five children and 25 grandchildren. She was born in northern Minnesota and grew up on a farm. She went to a one-room schoolhouse. She graduated from the University of Minnesota. She has worked at Macys for almost 25 Years. My grandma fell and fractured her skull. She had bleeding on her brain. Some challenges she faced because of this were that she was in a lot of pain. She had to do physical therapy, and she had to overcome depression because she felt like she wasn’t feeling better. It took her two months before she could go back to work. She lost her sense of smell for six months. My grandma makes us feel special when we visit her and when she visits us. She talks to me and takes me places. She comes to help out when our family needs it.

Contributed by: Emma Pietila, South Range Elementary