Margie Harkey BauconX

Born: July 31, 1913

Location: Paw Creek

THE LEGACY OF LOVE Wow, what a life . . . a life of endurance, persistence, fortitude, unconditional love and yes, even teaching. I lived my life with thankfulness everyday and believe me, that was hard many days. I grew up in Paw Creek, North Carolina blessed with loving parents who never owned a home, but we spent our young lives “sharecropping” the farm with six siblings who adored one another. I knew and embraced hard work serving in a shell plant during the war, a cake cutter at Merita Bakery, hosiery work and nursing technician at the hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina until I could no longer work. As the years wore on I developed osteoporosis before they even had a name for the disease. After experiencing broken wrists and broken ribs in my early 40’s, then numerous hip surgeries, eventually both hips were replaced twice but even those were not successful with lack of good bone. I endured an auto accident with a head concussion and broken legs. My skeleton was caving in on itself resulting in breathing problems, surgery for blood clots to the heart and even doctor recommendation for dual leg amputations. Even after living through Hurricane Hugo I always knew that I came from strong stock and that you can survive anything that life throws at you. I knew physical and emotional pain well, but my Lord never abandoned me. He was with me through it all. My faith in my God was the true strength of my life and that same loving God stood with me to the very end when I could no longer stand on my own. God taught me how to love, how to be thankful, how to count my blessings even in the hard times. My family still endures with that same love that they carry in their hearts and even though my body is no longer with them, my spirit lives on and my legacy lives on today. What a true legacy it is in knowing who you are, what you believe in and where your true strength comes from. I can still hear the love and fortitude in the pitter patter of a two-year-olds little feet running around. They may look like little feet, but those feet are on solid ground because the Legacy Lives On. Judy Baucom Tyndell, daughter, Lake Worth, FL and Brooke Tyndell Ahrens, granddaughter, Delray Beach, FL

Contributed by: Judy Baucom Tyndell, Lake Worth, Florida