Margaret Dwyer RexfordX

Born: 1929

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

My name is Margaret Dwyer Rexford, and I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1929. During my teen years I acted like any other girl from my time. I enjoyed the little things and lived life to the fullest. One day I met the love of my life, Mr. Philip Walter Rexford who courted me and one day even asked for my hand. It wasn’t long until the children arrived. Sadly, my husband was called away to fight in World War II. I was left alone to take care of our children, raising them by myself. When my husband returned, everything seemed to fall into place. My family and I seemed to be getting along well, and everything was moving smoothly until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the treatments for this illness and eventually overcame the disease. Now, breast cancer was not the illness that took my life. No, Genetic Cirrhosis claimed my life, even though I never had a drink in my life. My liver was the organ that failed and eventually ended my life. I died at the age of 86. I believe I lived a full life with my loving family, whom I hope will allow me to live on in their memories.

Contributed by: Rachel Rexford, L'Anse High School