Lillian L GillX

Born: March 20, 1909

Location: Richmond, Michigan

My name is Lillian L. Gill. I was born in Richmond, Michigan, on March 20, 1909. I had a very mean father, and I would lock him in the basement for hours until mother would notice. How I was able to lock him in the basement was-I would wait until he went down the basement for something and then would lock the basement door. Eight people lived in our little farm house, 6 being children. It was very crowded, and I shared a bedroom with my two sisters for 17 years. When I went to school, I had to walk two miles to a red, one room schoolhouse. After school sometimes, our teacher had a horse and buggy and would drive us home. I had chores to do after school like milk the cows, get eggs from the chickens, and feed the pigs. I also had to get my younger brothers and sisters ready for school. These were just a few of the many chores I had to do. In my free time, I loved riding the tractor. I lived through the Great Depression, and during those Great Depression years, I had to stand in line for hours on end to get food. When I was older, my jobs were waiting tables and running errands for the family doctor. I got married and had two children-a girl and a boy. Their names are Marry Ann and Arty. I worked hard at having the whitest white clothes in the town. I scrubbed them on a scrubbing board and plunged them. When I was not with the kids, doing chores around the house, or working two jobs, I loved knitting, smiling at people, giving food for the needy, spending time with my grandchildren, when I had them, and bush riding. Then one day, when I was older, I was having lunch with my daughter and I had a stroke. I was paralyzed for years, but eventually was mobile again. Then my husband died of cancer. I was never the same after that. I got Alzheimer’s and could not remember my name, the people around me, or where I was. On January 5, 2000, I died in my sleep.

Contributed by: Heather Gruver, Calumet Elementary School