Lars and Gudrun TellefsenX

Born: 1989

I’m Lars Tellefsen. I was born in Arendal, Norway in 1898. When I was six, I went to sea with my father, a ship captain. He owned a fleet of four 3- masted sailing ships. We brought furs and ivory from the Arctic to trade in India and China, returning to Arendal with spices. Each trip took more than a year. I learned to become an accomplished sailor. My father always hired a cook that could teach me reading, writing, arithmetic and other languages. When I was fourteen, my father died at sea in the north Atlantic. I inherited the fleet and sailed it to America. In New Your City’s harbor, my fleet became Standard Oil Company’s first oil cargo ships. In 1921, I married my wife, Gudrun, and we raised four children. During World War I, I was an officer in the United States Navy. During World War II, I was again called to duty in the Navy as a Rear Admiral. I retired after 48 years at sea. I held a ship’s pilot license for every major port in the world that Standard Oil went to. - Roy Jacobson, grandson - Community member, Ironwood , MI

Contributed by: Roy Jacobson, Ironwood, Michigan