Larry HoskinsX

Born: 1925

Location: Middlesboro, Kentucky

My name is Larry Hoskins. I was born in Middlesboro, Kentucky in 1925. I enlisted in the Navy while I was a teenager, but because I was so young they declined without my mother’s signature. After a month of begging her to sign the papers, she finally gave in and signed them, and I was enlisted in the Navy. I fought in World War II, serving on a ship which was attacked at Pearl Harbor. This was the hardest time in my life. I have a wife and five children that I love with all my heart. My family and I couldn’t find any work in Kentucky, so I packed everything up, and moved to Michigan. I found a job, and from there I became a skilled tradesman. My father abandoned my mother when I was just a baby, so after we got settled in Michigan, I went back to look for my father. I wanted my children to know their grandfather, so I found him. My father and I have been close ever since. As I lie here in the hospital, I realize that my life is almost over. I was putting tile in the basement of a church when the adhesive burst to flames, trapping me in a corner. I was rescued by my coworker but 90% of my body is burned so I know there is no hope for me. My biggest regret was having to leave my wonderful wife, Beatrice, to raise our children on her own.

Contributed by: Sophia Hoskins, L'Anse High School