Kaisa GretaX

Born: 1863

My name is Kaisa Greta. I was born in Sweden in 1863, but moved to America, where I met my husband, John Nyman. We lived very happily in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for many years, and had 10 children together. Times were hard though, and not all of my children lived past infancy. Three of them died before reaching the age of two. I also had a younger sister, who stayed in Sweden after I had left. She later decided to come to America and stay with us, so I sent my husband to pick her up at the boat docks in New York. Of course, we lived in the U.P., so weather was unpredictable and he was delayed for three days. By the time he got to the docks, my sister was gone. The workers there said they had seen a girl matching her description walk off with a man, and though John searched, he could not find her. We never heard from her again. I hope that by going on with my life and overcoming the challenges and hardships I had to face, I am setting a good example. I hope that by going through these difficulties I have shown my family never to give up and never to take their life for granted. I hope I can help future generations realize how good and easy their life really is.