Joseph Brown Jr.X

Born: November 10, 1763

Location: Watertown, Connecticut

My name is Joseph Brown Jr. and I was born in Watertown, Connecticut on November 10, 1763. When I was a young man my family built a cabin in the town of Jericho, Vermont. My brother Charles and I helped our father build the cabin while our mother tended the animals and food. After weeks, finally our hard work had repaid us with a cabin and nice farm land to tend to. But soon enough a problem arose, a group of Native Americans took my dad, my brother, and myself prisoner, leaving our mother to fend for herself. The Native Americans had brought us to Montreal to sell us as slaves to the British. The British had rejected us because we were either too young or too old. They set us free to go back to our cabin where our mother was still healthy and tending the animals. Not too long after, another search party of Native Americans had raided our cabin, burning and killing everything we had. They took us as prisoners once again, except this time they took our mother too. This was during the Revolutionary War, so the British bought us this time. After the war had ended we were set free with nothing except for what we were wearing. My brother and I rebuilt a cabin in the same clearing while our parents waited in the city.

Contributed by: Toby Wheeler, Houghton Middle School