John KeranenX

Born: 1888

My name is John T. Keranen, but it was John Theodore Niemi before I was adopted. I was born in 1888. I was in charge of the logging business for my family, the Keranen family. It was the largest and most prosperous business of its kind in the Herman area in that time. We had a bunkhouse right in the yard of our large family home, which was built on the farm with an apple orchard. The workers lived in bunkhouse and would eat their meals in our large farm home. I would go out in the woods with them to the logging operation site. I did not want my workers to be at risk, so I did the most dangerous job myself, moving the logs that were in a large pile. Well, one day while I doing this, one of the logs hit me on the leg, causing such an injury that I needed to have my leg amputated. The prosthesis, in those days, was not very good, and I developed a sore from it. The sore did not heal and I developed gangrene, and died at the age of 39, and never got to meet my grandchildren, Ann Dantes Makila, Faye Dantes Boomer, and Allan John Dantes . - Ann Dantes Makila, granddaughter - Westland, MI community member

Contributed by: John Keranen, Westland, Michigan