Johannah TurpeinenX

Born: 1887

Location: Pelkie, Michigan

My name is Johannah Turpeinen, I was born in Finland in early 1887. At age 16 I made the trip to America to meet with my future husband. I left from the Port of Helsinki on a ship headed to Ellis Island. The only thing I took with me was my rug loom. After arriving to Ellis Island I was delayed because I didn’t have enough money to continue my adventure. My future husband wired me money through the Western Union. I was able to then take a train to the Copper Country where we got married within a few years in Coburn Town. After we got married my husband started working at a copper mine. Then soon the mine was not working out, so we moved to Pelkie with our nine kids and cleared land to build a farm. I lived at the farm until the day I died in 1963. My family will always remember me for my work ethic, family values, and family recipes that will continue to be passed down through the generations.

Contributed by: Autumn Swanson, L’Anse High Schools