Jerry HarmaX

Born: April 10, 1959

Location: Hancock, Michigan

My grandpa, Jerry Harma, was born in Hancock, Michigan on April 10, 1959. He did not graduate from high school, but was able to start his own business. He taught himself and learned through other people how to do drywall. Eventually, Jerry branched his business out to include painting the walls after he finished the drywalls at the house he was working on. Jerry started a family when he was in his late teens. He enjoyed snowmobiling, fishing, skating and many other outdoor activities and sports. He also liked Rock-n-Roll music. My younger brother is named after my grandpa, but they never met because my grandpa was killed in a car accident on July 25, 2003. My grandpa taught my mom how important family is, and she is passing that knowledge to my brother and me.

Contributed by: Gabe Hosking, South Range Elementary