Janet CoponenX

Born: March 13, 1935

My grandma, Janet Coponen, was born in Hancock, Michigan, on March 13, 1935. She is really nice. She helped at the Suomi Finnish Archives for 3 years on Fridays. She had to take the donated Finnish books and put the information on a form to be ready for the computer. It was very hard for her because it was written in Finnish printing. It was very different from ours, but she always got it done. She volunteered all of her time for this project. She loves history, the woods, and her family. We always go for family rides on Sundays. She has a positive impact on my family because she is my grandma, and she loves me. I like going to her house. When we go to my grandma’s house she gives us suckers, and she always has something for us to do. She has a Gameboy, some puzzles, darts and her basement is the best. We play tag, darts, carve things, and run around. If we are too loud upstairs, we have to go outside or in the basement. When we fight we have to do the same.

Contributed by: Justiina Coponen, South Range Elementary