Irene WisniewskiX

Born: April 6, 1926

Location: Painesdale, Michigan

My great-grandma is Irene Wisniewski. She was born on April 6, 1926, in eastern Poland. She moved to Germany, and she was put in several concentration camps for 11 years during World War II. My great-grandma can speak four languages. She can speak Polish, German, English, and Russian. She flew to the United States from Germany to New York in 1952. She was stuck in New York for seven weeks until the Copper Range Mining Co. came and took her family to Painesdale to work in the Painesdale Copper Mine. My great-grandma reminds us how lucky we are to be born in the United States and how good we have it. My great-grandma is 84 years old.

Contributed by: Nathan Maki, South Range Elementary