Hilda Tapanni HankianojaX

Born: November 5, 1873

Location: Karismaki

I was born Hilda Tapanni Hankianoja on November 5th 1873 in Karsimaki Finland. My husband Isaak, son Frank and I came to Mass City in the late 1800s with all of my brothers. My house we built in 1900 is still with my son Emil’s family I was a quiet peaceful woman who kept my sadness to myself. I outlived Isaak and three of my five children. Two children died from consumption at ages 17 and 22. My peonies still grow in the same soil and the faith I shared with my family still is shared today. My son Emil and daughter Aina had to quit school in 8th grade to help our family survive. I never spoke English and I never cut my hair.

Contributed by: Denise Laakko, Crystal Falls, Michigan