Hilda Heikkinen KarinenX

Born: December 18, 1890

My name is Hilda Heikkinen Karinen. I was born in Finland December 18, 1882. I came to America in 1884 before I was 2 years old. On September 13, 1890 we left Point Mills in a boat with 5 other families, 19 people total, and head to Otter Lake where we homesteaded. I married William Heikkinen, who was born in Finland on September 2, 1918, on May 30, 1900. We had 6 children, 5 girls & 1 boy and I was pregnant for the 7th child when my husband was killed, possibly murdered, as he was carrying the payroll for the employees that had arrived on the train. I eventually moved the family to Hurontown & worked cleaning houses in the wealthy eastside of Houghton to support us. All four of my daughters obtained college degrees, 3 as teachers & 1 as a nurse. Judy Kinnunen, granddaughter, Pensacola, FL

Contributed by: Judy Kinnunen, Pensacola, Florida