George August KeranenX

Born: April 29 , 1942

My name is George August Keranen. I was born on April 29, 1942. When I was just about two months old, I caught pneumonia and almost died. When I was five, I had my appendix taken out. In the hospital, I was plunked in a crib out in the hall with my feet sticking out because all the beds were being used. Somewhere between when I was five and when I was fourteen, I had my tonsils taken out. At fourteen, I had to quit school to take care of my mother. (I was the errand-runner.) When I was around 16, a bull almost gored my father so he told me to go shoot it. I joined the Army Reserves when I was around eighteen. I learned the Morse code and was a decoder. After a few years, I quit and went to live with my brother in lower Michigan. After that, I moved to the Copper Country. I met and married Kathy Anderson. We moved to Traprock. I went to trap beaver and such in the Seau St. Marie area. Once when I was trapping muskrat, I fell through a hole in the ice and couldn’t find it until a few seconds later. Kathy and I had 17 children. I started a well drilling business which I sold to my son, Ted, when I retired. Sometimes I work on projects with my children.

Contributed by: Alyssa Keranen , CLK Elementary