Frances Luella Hughes AustinX

Born: March 14, 1883

Location: Shiawassee County, Michigan

My name is Frances Luella Hughes Austin and I was born in Shiawassee County, Michigan on March 14, 1883. In my younger years we lived in northern Manitoba near London, Ontario. My father was out getting lumber when some Indians came over to our house and admired a picture on our wall. Out of fear I suppose, my mother gave it to them and then we took a trip to their camp. I admired the Indian princesses for their beads and robes of many colors. In my next few years I read Shakespeare in my spare time. Soon after we were ready to gather the wheat crop when a prairie fire broke out at the neighbors farm. They stopped it by blocking it with many wet sacks of sand. Later my father wanted to move to the South-East, but my mother’s parents did not want her to move because they were snobs. I died June 20,1975, but my relatives describe me as a nice grandmother and an example of how to be nice, kind, loving amazing, hard working, and a great leader.

Contributed by: Jake Belmas, Houghton Middle School