Ferdinand NordstromX

Born: July 4, 1921

Location: Michigan

My grandpa, Ferdinand Nordstrom, was born on July 4, 1921 in Hancock, MI. He had arthritis in his spine, but he had to work to feed his family. He worked in a meat cooler at Vollwerth’s. It was 30–40 degrees F in there. He took 10–20 aspirins a day because of the pain. Grandpa loved sports. He once drove 45 minutes to watch my brother play two minutes of basketball. He always encouraged my dad to do his best in sports. He never missed a game of my dad’s. My dad played football, basketball, and track. My dad was good in all his sports because of my Papa’s encouragement. He taught my family the same things. Papa also taught us that you can work even if you have a handicap. I was five months old when he died. I knew him through stories and pictures.

Contributed by: Darren Nordstrom, South Range Elementary