Eevi Amanda Storm JokipiiX

Born: 1887

Location: Calumet, Michigan

My name is Eevi Amanda Storm Jokipii, and I was born in Vahakyro, Finland in 1887. I had five sisters that died before age five, and my mother died when I was only eight. Shortly after my mother died, my father remarried twice. My sister, Ida, and I were sent to Calumet, MI on a boat in 1899 when our father was out of town. My aunt forced us to work at her boarding house where I fell in love with John Jokipii. After we got married, we moved to Pelkie and had seven kids. My descendants say that my strong work ethic and strict upbringing have left them a legacy.

Contributed by: Acacia Copley, L’Anse High School