Edith Carol RichardX

Born: January 17, 1907

Location: Chassell, Michigan

My great-grandma, Edith Carol Richard, was born on January 17, 1907 in Hurontown, MI. Her mom died at the age of 57. Edith learned to play the piano from her mom. At 14 she helped full time at home. Edith married Wilfred Gougeon and the couple lived in Chassell. While there she worked for Dr. Percy Wilson. Edith’s husband died from shock after his car got hit by a log truck. Ten years later she married a widower named Samuel Jenkins. He suffered a stroke at home at the age of 70. In her lifetime Edith worked at the the Scott Hotel, helped cater parties and weddings, and worked at the Kaleva Cafe. There she made 13 different pies a day. She also took care of a neighbor lady. Edith died in September 1996.

Contributed by: Bradley Jenkins, South Range Elementary