Dono TreadeauX

Born: 1898

Location: Chassell

Dono was born in Chassell in 1898. He became a cook's apprentice in his teens, cooking and baking for lumber camps in Canada, Baraga and Houghton counties. Two of his daughters, Myrtice and Marie assisted him in later years. The family still prepares several of his recipes to this day. Dono was also a chef on the dredges on the Great Lakes and later was the cook for the National Parks Service on Isle Royale. He owned his own restaurant in Hancock for a while, then moved his large family to Baraga County in 1940. He owned and operated several restaurants in Baraga County including one where Carla's in Keweenaw Bay stands today. Dono also ran the 'rootbeer stand' at the head of the bay, between L'Anse and Baraga, where he was famous for his pizza burgers! He was a hard worker and a good family man who accomplished a lot with only a third grade education. He is fondly remembered by his children and grandchildren who are now in the 50s, 60s, 80s and 90s! -Kay E. McIntyre, wife of Riley Mcintyre who is Dono's grandson.

Contributed by: Kay McIntyre, L'Anse, Michigan