Dewey SpargoX

Born: September 1, 1898

Location: Kenton, Michigan

Dewey Spargo was my great-great-great uncle. He was born in a log hut from an abandoned logging camp on September 1, 1898, in Kenton, Michigan. This camp was located near Spargo Creek. When he was a boy, he had a pet deer named Spotty. The doe was killed, so Dewey took care of the fawn and fed it cow’s milk. The next year Spotty was killed by a dog while the family was out berry picking. They buried Spotty in an old mine pit. In 1916, he and his brother, John, moved to Canada by train. They had to ride in the immigrant car, so it would be cheaper. In those days boys had to quit school so they could work on their farms, but Dewey finished high school and attended the University of Alberta. Dewey had six brothers and one sister, which was my grandpa’s grandmother. Before his death in 1985, he wrote a book called Furrows in the Parkland. The book is about Dewey’s parents, John Spargo and Grace Moyle. Without this book there would be a lot of family history that we wouldn't know about.

Contributed by: Evan Platzke, South Range Elementary