Deborah Kay Olson FrontieraX

Born: 1951

Location: Michigan

I am Deborah Kay Olson Frontiera. I was born in 1951 from a long line of pioneer survivors of the Olson, Pearce and Potter lines. My interest in my family’s history did not come to me until adulthood. In the 1980s, my mother and her cousins had a reunion of the many descendants of Joseph Pearce, Jr. and put together a family history. In 2010, I expanded that work adding information from my father’s side (Olson) and from Jessie Potter Otto Pearce’s line and digitizing it for future generations. Discovering the hardships of previous generations—making long treks through the wilderness, watching children die, working harder than most of us could ever imagine—gives us a much different perspective on our own lives and perceived troubles. I hope I’ve honored my ancestors by taking a few of the stories I knew about Louis Chester and Jessie Pearce working them into characters Mr. and Mrs. Edwards in my book Living on Sisu. Winning a Purple Dragonfly award for the book in Nov. 2010 helped assure me that I have honored the sisu of all those who forged the community of the Copper Country that we know today.

Contributed by: Deborah Frontiera, Huston TX, Rice Lake MI