Darron OlsonX

Born: August 18, 1971

Location: Laurium, Michigan

My name is Darron Olson. I was born on August 18, 1971, in Laurium, Michigan. My brother, Richard Olson, moved out and got married to Michele Lamotte when I was only 13. Since my dad, Don Olson, was paralyzed, I had to do all the work around the house. Also, after my brother moved out, my mom, Barbara Olson, was also having medical issues. I got a job after school, on the weekends, and worked full time in the summer all four years of high school. I joined the Air Force in 1989. I was stationed in Sembach, Germany. That’s were I got married and had my first daughter, Katelyn Ashley. I got deployed to Iraq for the first Gulf War. I joined the Navy Reserve after 9/11 happened. I got deployed in 2005 for the Iraq War. Since I was in the Iraq War, I didn’t get to see my family for a year. In 2002, I went though the Northern Michigan University Police Academy, and was awarded Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Out-standing Performance Award. I am currently a police officer for the Laurium police department. My family is very proud of me for serving our Country in both times of war and peace.

Contributed by: Chaz Olson, Calumet Elementary School