Augusti Jurva(nsuu)X

Born: December 28, 1888

Location: Pudasjarvi

August Jurvansuu was born in the dark of winter on December 28th in one of the most Northern towns in Finland. His family did not want him to leave his homeland and wrote poems and songs asking him to stay. He came to America to make his fortune and to have land. He married a Finnish-American woman who came from a family of 11 girls (Hildur Juntunen). August, like most Finns, could read and write so he moved up the line in the mine quicker than those who could not. He eventually became an educated man and a police officer in Hancock. His nickname "Nine Locks" was given to him by the people who couldn't understand his curfew call of Nine o'clock. August had 13 children and was able to purchase a farm in Chassell to raise them. He achieved the American dream of an education, home and family but never forgot about his roots back in Finland.

Contributed by: Suzanne Jurva, Atlanta