Christine CoullardX

Born: July 26, 1951

Location: Upper Peninsula, Michigan

My grandmother, Christine Coullard, was born on July 26, 1951, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She had to live her whole childhood moving from foster home from foster home. Her parents were unable to take care of her and her sister. Her father left her as a child. Her mother had a mental illness and then had to be put in an institution. She had inherited a mild mental illness from her mother. My grandma managed to live on her own and take care of her children. She lived with my mom and dad my brothers, my sister, and me for five years. While she was living with us she babysat my brother and sister so my mom and dad could go to work to make money. My grandmother is still alive, and she lives in the Upper Peninsula.

Contributed by: Brandon Rastello, South Range Elementary