Chester Alven YlitaloX

Born: Jamurary 23, 1933

Location: Green Valley Township, Minnesota

My name is Chester Alven Ylitalo. I was born on January 23, 1933 in Green Valley Township, Minnesota. I grew up on a farm as one of fourteen children. When I went to school I always walked barefoot except for in the winter. I was only seven years old when my farm got electricity. I’m a self taught engineer even though I only went to school until the eighth grade, because I had to work on the farm. When I turned 20 I was drafted into the army were I spent 2 and a half years in Germany were I worked as a mechanic. Then I bought a septic pumping business were I learned how to run it on the job. I learned it in the school of hard knocks. I have a strong impact on my kids and there kids because they all love and respect me. I am still living today.

Contributed by: Evan Hurkas, Calumet Elementary School