Charles VavnWormerX

Born: September 25, 1916

Location: Harvey

My name is Charles VanWormer and I was born in Harvey, Michigan on September 25, 1916. I was the third child born out of twelve and as a child, I worked very hard on the family farm in Sands. When I was twelve years old, my job was to drive a horse and wagon, loaded with potatoes from Sands to South Marquette, so I could earn money. When I was 16 years old, I joined the Civilian Conservation Corps so I could send money back home to help my parents support my brothers and sisters. I was at the Newberry Camp and worked hard as a logger. I married Ruth O'Donnell in February of 1941 and we had three children. When World War II broke out, I joined the Army and served in the 132nd Signal Corp in Austria. When I returned, I worked for LS&I on the ore docks until I retired. My descendants would say that I set a good example by my strong work ethic and willingness to help others.

Contributed by: Wendy Beacco, Negaunee, Michigan